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Orthopedic Surgery First-Time Office Visit YOUR BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Age: Date of Birth: Primary care doctor: Today s Date: ? No Did anyone refer you to us? ? Yes, my primary care doctor Height:
Fill sample questionnaires used to assesses gp's knowledge of palliative care in primary care: Try Risk Free
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What kind of aspirin, pain reliever and/or prescription pills are you taking? Other medications? (if any)? When was the last time you had a prescription refill? When were you last prescribed a medication (not a medication used to treat your injury)? Did that prescription expire recently and you no longer have a doctor? Please list. ? No Did anybody else refer you to us? ? Yes? How many times have you had these sorts of issues in the past five years? What do you expect will happen after you return to work? (1-10 scale) ? Yes You are very concerned about what might happen when you return to work. When might the problem begin? Who would be responsible for your compensation? (1-10 scale) ? Someone else Please lists: Does your doctor think you will feel better if this injury is not treated? ? Yes Does your doctor think you will get better or is there a chance you will experience a complete recovery in a shorter period ? If this incident had happened before you were injured? ? Yes ? Yes, the injury or condition would have been considered an accident and not a work injury, right? ? No Has it occurred before, and you consider it a work related injury? ? Yes Has your doctor or anyone else told you this is an occupational or workplace safety issue? ? It will not affect work or benefits because we are unable to recover the damages? How badly would the injury or condition affect your working or personal life, if it ever affected them? ? I do not know. No How badly will it affect your self-esteem, self-worth and ability to function and be independent? ? I do not know. Now What is your age? ? Do you have any disabilities that may impact your ability to return to work after this injury? ? No If yes, please list? The most common limitations you would experience would be limited mobility, restricted use of your arms, limited use of your legs, poor balance, inability to tolerate stress, poor endurance, lack of coordination, sensory impairment/disability and inability to walk/run for a distance of more than two miles in one day.
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Hello I'm Dr Walters facing an advanced or terminal illness can be an overwhelming and stressful time that's why Cleveland Clinic connected Care offers compassionate comprehensive care to patients and their families through our palliative medicine and hospice programs our palliative medicine consultation program provides care and consultation for patients with serious illness who are receiving disease directed therapy this may include diseases such as cancer COPD Parkinson's or heart failure where the illness results in the patient having complex medical needs as well as psychological and social challenges palliative physicians help manage symptoms and complex needs our palliative medicine consultation program is offered to patients within our Cleveland Clinic hospitals on an inpatient or outpatient basis as well as to patients in their own homes your care is provided by specially trained physicians advanced practice nurses and other team members who are experts in pain and symptom management they offer guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices and improve the quality of life for patients and their caregivers my wife is suffering from multiple myeloma which is a cancer of the bone they want to make a life easier, and they want to make a life worth living she can function more now she can walk I think he's right I definitely have a better life now she can enjoy things that's palliative care Music hospice care is available when curative treatments are no longer beneficial and a terminally ill person's life expectancy is measured in months instead of years the goal is to assist patients and their families with preparing physically spiritually and emotionally for the end-of-life emphasis is on comfort pain and symptom management it allows patients to maintain control of their lives with dignity in a familiar environment each patient and family is cared for by a dedicated specially trained team of physicians registered nurses home health aides medical social workers chaplains and volunteers most patients receive Hospice in the home setting the hospice team makes routine visits and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week for support and urgent visits medical equipment and supplies are delivered to your home Cleveland Clinic Hospice was the most positive experience when my partner Bob entered hospice care they were totally empathetic they knew exactly how to deal with every situation and give you the assistance you need to maneuver through this difficult period in your life I am so happy that they were here hospice care is also available to patients in independent and assisted living facilities skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes additionally Cleveland Clinic Hospice offers symptom management level of care to patients in a number of settings including its main campus and regional hospitals once the patient's symptoms are controlled the patient is able to transition back home with hospice as appropriate Cleveland Clinic...
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